Secular Coalition Contest Winner March 20, 2007

Secular Coalition Contest Winner

After all that has been written about Congressman Pete Stark‘s coming out as a nontheist, the one thing that was left out was who actually won the Secular Coalition for America’s contest. Who nominated Pete Stark as the highest ranking, elected, nontheistic public official?

In fact, two people had nominated Stark, and since this wasn’t a race to see who could nominate someone the fastest, both had a chance for the $1,000 prize. A coin was flipped to determine the winner.

Mark Thomas of Mountain View, California came out the winner of that flip. Thomas is the assistant state director of American Atheists. (California’s state director is Dave Kong.)

The $100 runner-up (insert your own what-crappy-luck joke here) was Bryant Lister of Gresham, Oregon.

Congratulations to both for alerting us to the fact that there is someone like us in Congress!

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