Christian Retailing: An Unbelievable Trend March 16, 2007

Christian Retailing: An Unbelievable Trend

Christian Retailing, the trade journal for the Christian retailing industry, has a surprising story on their front page:

Christian Retailing Small

To see the full PDF file and to read the accompanying story, click here.

Besides talking about I Sold My Soul on eBay, they also mention Jim Henderson’s book, Jim & Casper Go To Church.

Some corrections to the article:

It says that Jim “asked if [I] would visit and critique a variety of churches, including Lakewood Church in Houston and New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colo.” Jim only sent me to places in and around Chicago for my eBay visits. I went to the churches in other states specifically when writing the book for WaterBrook Press. The article seems to think those sets of visits overlap, when in fact, they don’t.

The article also says that my “purpose in writing I Sold My Soul [is] ‘to help improve the way churches present the Christian message.'” This wrongly implies that I’m endorsing what the churches are currently teaching. I’m not. Certainly, I don’t endorse a supernatural view of reality. My vision of what Christianity could be, and the message I want to improve, is one that might be at odds with many pastors. But I’m hoping they’ll have a positive reaction to what I say.

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