Atheism as a Deal-breaker? March 14, 2007

Atheism as a Deal-breaker?

The San Francisco Chronicle’s 2 Cents blog asked people the following question after Congressman Pete Stark’s announcement that he was a nontheist:

Would a candidate’s atheism be a deal-breaker at the polls for you?

The majority of responses show that people still support him (or don’t see his atheism as an issue at all). Here are a few of the more interesting comments:

I’d vote for an atheist as long as I agreed with his or her political policies. Geez, how could anyone be worse than that evangelical loon we have in the White House now?

Well, God is crying, and I can’t stand it. All that work for nothing — trees and flowers, oceans, lakes and rivers, to say nothing of the stars; not even a proper “thank you.” The atheists can scurry for proof, but this kind of press coverage tells me they don’t know even what they are looking for.

A couple religious people sounded like they come right out of this blog’s readership:

I was brought up in the church and still stand by those beliefs. Congressman Stark’s atheism has nothing to do with his character. I have called on him to help me with several of life’s problems, and he responded well. I voted for him before I knew about his comments, and I would vote for him again now that I know. He doesn’t have to be my clone to do a good job.

A candidate’s atheism would not bother me, as long as she or he is respectful of the fact that some people, like myself, are believers. If the candidate showed disdain for those who are involved in religion, then I would certainly not vote for him or her.

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