What Exactly IS Congressman Stark? March 12, 2007

What Exactly IS Congressman Stark?

There are a lot of guessing games going on as to what “nontheist” actually means.

In Congressman Pete Stark‘s case, here’s what happened:

When the Secular Coalition for America wrote to him, he filled in the choice that read:

“I am a nontheist* and describe myself as: _________________. I also agree to allow the Secular Coalition for America to release this information to the general public.”

In the blank, he filled in “Unitarian.”

The footnote from the * asterisk read:

“*the term nontheist includes atheists, humanists, agnostics and
other freethinkers who do not believe in the existence of a supreme
being or beings.”

Don’t think that this is some strange ambiguous wording. Congressman Stark and his staff were fully aware of what this meant.

However you want to describe that, the fact is Congressman Stark is a Unitarian, but he does not believe in a God. He would not use the words atheist, Humanist, etc. to describe himself.

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  • ninung

    actually, i rather feel confuse about “what unitarian universalist is, actually?”
    so, is it a religion or just a faith? some of their member said that they believe in god, but others believe in no god. so? i really feel that i can’t catch the idea…i’m a moslem, instead…

  • Brett

    For most people, that raises an interesting paradox – an atheist who goes to church.

    That almost sounds like a good idea for a book.

  • More significant is the realization that many of us have that all beliefs about “God”, gods, and other things supernatural are constructs of the human minds that believe them.

    I suppose that statement is true of pretty much any belief…

  • I’m a godless Unitarian Universalist myself, and I was quite excited to hear Congressman Stark come out as such 🙂

  • Mriana

    I was too. I just hope it doesn’t affect his career.

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