American Atheists Scholarship Winners March 10, 2007

American Atheists Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the winners/runners-up/honorable mentions for this year’s American Atheists scholarships! To win, these students showed evidence of their atheist activism (be it through essays, articles, letters-to-the-editor, or all of the above).

A handsome stud named Hemant won the scholarship last year. Now, his reign is over. *sigh* But yay for the new crop! Let’s run through some of these names…

The $2000 scholarship winner was Meghan Regis of the Atheist Agenda student group at the University of Texas at San Antonio. This group might best be known for last year’s Smut for Smut campaign where you turned in your Bible in exchange for porn. I’m not a huge fan of the idea, but I’ll admit it was pretty creative. In response to religious people who found this stunt offensive, Meghan said, “Porn is entirely voluntary… I haven’t seen any porno wars, but we have seen many holy wars because of religion.” Nice. The UTSA group is an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance 🙂

The runner-up was (Steven) Daniel Morgan, who blogs at Get Busy Livin’, or Get Busy Bloggin’. You can read his essay here. Daniel also restarted the University of Florida’s campus atheist group: the Atheist, Agnostic and Freethinking Student Association (AAFSA)… which also happens to be affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance 🙂 If Daniel looks familar, it might be because you saw him on Hannity & Colmes a few months ago regarding a Ten Commandments monument.

Honorable mention Dave Feddes (there’s a typo of his name on the American Atheists’ website. Unless we’re talking about a totally different student. In which case… my bad) is a student at Aquinas College in Kentwood, Michigan. His student group, the Aquinas College Secular Student Alliance is (not surprisingly) also an SSA affiliate.

Honorable mention Andy Buttler is Treasurer of the Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Take a wild guess if they’re an SSA affiliate. Did you guess…? Yeah, they are! Andy is also currently running for a position on the SSA’s board of directors.

As for the other prize winners, as soon as I figure out who they are, I’ll update this link. (Why can’t American Atheists give us full names and bios?)

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