The Secret March 7, 2007

You may have heard about Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, an Oprah-endorsed, even-Deepak-Chopra-looks-good-when-compared-to-this, self-help book.

Elaine Friedman of Humanist Network News shares her take on this garbage here:

The Secret claims you can manipulate the material world — the numbers in a lottery drawing, the actions of others, world events — through your thoughts and feelings. Did you get a promotion? You must have been thinking positive thoughts about your job prospects! Do you have cancer? You must have been thinking negative thoughts about your health. I guess someone who really didn’t like Rwandans thought up the genocide.

Friedman also explains the problems that following The Secret can lead to:

… [W]hat if a person really had a thyroid problem, but didn’t go to her doctor in the belief that her thoughts caused her weight problem? The other problem is that it blames the victim; if bad things happen to you, even things that appear totally out of your control — getting hit by a drunk driver, getting robbed — you brought it on yourself through your thoughts.

And, not surprisingly, The Secret is currently the #1 selling book on Amazon.

Strangely enough, frequent Oprah guest Dr. Mehmet Oz (whose book is currently #3 on Amazon) advises people to lose weight by dieting and exercising. Shocking, isn’t it?

Those people who take to heart everything Oprah says… their heads should be hurting right about now. Then again, they probably don’t even realize there’s a conflict.

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  • GirlAtheist

    I have to wonder if Oprah doesn’t get some kind of kickback by endorsing these wacko books/products. Everything she touches turns to gold. That MUST be translated into cash for her, somehow.

    Look at Rachel Ray. She’s going to be endorsing Dunkin’ Donuts. OMG.

  • Mel

    Did anybody actually try it and discover that it didn’t work?

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