Darwinian Pick-up Lines February 16, 2007

Darwinian Pick-up Lines

Over at the Skepchick blog, the results of the Darwin-themed pick-up lines contest are in!

And they’re hilarious.

Some examples:

  • Why don’t you unzip my pants and let me show you the descent of man?

  • Girl, you so fine, you make me want to do a Cambrian explosion between your strata.

  • Without you, my organ would become vestigial.

I’m not even going to mention #1.

The full thread of submissions can be read here.

That was a fun idea. Go Rebecca!

What other blog contests would be good to have…?

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  • my english is not good i will happy if the comments are made on topic not on my englsih

    Intelligent Design & Vestigial Organs
    Dr Umesh R. Bilagi


    Topic :-Vestigial organs not necessarily proof of evolution for Darwin

    I would postulate that it is possible to have a vestigial organ [ananatomical structure in organisms in a species, thought to have lost its original function through evolution] without the process of evolution. Let me illustrate this idea using an analogy drawn from popular computer software.

    Assuming, I have a reasonable amount of storage space on my computer hard disk, if I first create an unformmated document using Microsoft(MS) Word, and then a second MS Word document that I format very rigorously, I do so because I consider MS Word software to be the best option for my purposes, as opposed to using, say, the less sophisticated Notepad software, where little formatting of documents is possible.

    Now, if you argue that there is a vestigial structure to the first MS Word document (the capacity – in this case, unused – for formatting)and that this only became functional in the second document,ultimately concluding that the first document evolved from the second document, you would be incorrect, since I am the creator of both documents.

    Similarly, I would argue that vestigial organs do not necessarily confirm evolution; they only point to what tools – improvable overtime – the creator used while making the species. This same principle is seen even in electronic gadgets today.

    Most probably, such an explanation did not occur to Darwin given that, in his time, there were no common tools to carry out varied, complex,seemingly disconnected jobs. So he concluded that unless a creator planned to mislead us, vestigial organs should not have existed

    It is tendency of creators of to make some useful common tools, which can be used to carry out multiple jobs (or to make machines). so by virtue of this common tools (if tools get fitted into machines), vestigenesity will come up.

    Vestigial organs can be classified in to vertical & transverse ones

    Vertical ones are like appendix which are inherited from ancestor to next species

    Transverse one are in which one sex has functional capacity & in opposite sex it is vertiginous

    Vertiginous Male breast can be better explained tools of intelligent design than Darwin evolution now look at male nipple which are functional in female. Male & female have come much before mammals, so presence of male nipple in mammals can be explained by theory of tools of intelligent design better than Darwin evolution.

    I want answer few common questions, I came across from this link http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Am4wlxSObR8tRjqRTfoyDtXsy6IX?qid=20070427010401AAZutMj

    Why there is no perfect making from intelligent designer?
    It is unwise jump to conclusion that intelligent designer has to make things with perfection he makes things as per his wish, with his requirement, (like, life for humans for 100years)

    Why there are support systems (Immunity)in living beings? & it is foolish have them.
    Now regarding support system when we consider that we make good intelligent soft ware programmes, there are viruses which can attack them, for that we have (support system) antivirus Now don’t call software programmers foolish

    Common embryo genesis of both sexes?
    Male nipple points towards common embryo genesis i.e. common tools which I am mentioning

    Who created the creator?
    Now, answer for creation of creator. It is like asking what was there before big bang, Stephan Hawking will answer you that time began then & there no time before this event or even if it was, it has no effect on us. Answer for, who created creator, will come from birth of universe.

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