Freethinker Finder February 14, 2007

Freethinker Finder

Are you an atheist looking for love?

Elaine Friedman writes in the Humanist Network News about her findings when talking to “secular singles” and mentioned one of the newest projects from the Infidel Guy: Freethinker Finder, a dating site specifically for non-religious people.

Like Elaine says, the site’s biggest drawback is that it has not yet hit critical mass. There aren’t enough profiles that you’re bound to find someone you’re compatible with. (This has been the biggest problem for most new dating sites, period.) You might be better off with or a similar site where you can just specify that you are “atheist.”

However, as the Freethinker Finder site says, the “first 500 new users will get unlimited free access.” So perhaps it’s worth putting a profile up. (As I write this, the number of men and women are 165 and 42, respectively.)

(On a side note, that picture of the couple on the front page looks strangely familiar… has anyone seen that on another dating site?)

Some downsides that should be fixed:

  • I *really* think it’s a bad idea to be able to search for a mate who is 14 years old. While the “Terms of Service” indicate that users must be 18, the search function lets you search for people of any age.

  • I can’t search for anyone by location. Not immediately, anyway. (It does ask for location preference when you register.) But if a female who stumbles onto the site has to search through every user to find someone near her, it’ll be a deterrent to her registering.

  • I have to enter my timezone. I live in the Central Standard Time zone. Are you really going to make me convert that to Greenwich Mean Time? Can’t we make this automatic based off of where I live?

If this doesn’t work, I am *so* going back to

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