CNN Tries Again February 13, 2007

CNN Tries Again

After the embarrassing panel discussion from last week, CNN tried once again to talk about atheism… this time they even included atheists!

OneGoodMove is on top of the video clips.

Richard Dawkins’ segment was short, but he made his points well enough.

The panel discussion, featuring Ellen Johnson of American Atheists, was also unbelievably short.

And remember that absurd question from last time: “Why do atheists inspire such hatred?”

It changed. Now, it’s “Are atheists morally compromised?”

Thanks, CNN. That’s much better…

And I don’t know where CNN keeps finding them, but this segment’s token Christian was as clueless as Debbie Schlussel.

CNN and Paula Zahn just need to admit they have no clue what they’re talking about before they dig themselves into an even deeper hole…

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