Tom Vilsack’s Wife February 2, 2007

Tom Vilsack’s Wife

The meeting of atheist leaders is tomorrow, and I’ll be back late Monday night with all the fun news.

Until then…

A couple friends and I were sent by a benefactor to a fundraising event for the Young Democrats of America tonight.

Forget the whole part about how it was utterly chaotic, how people were rude while the speakers were at the podium, and how everyone there gave off a vibe of “I want to be a politician when I grow up and that is the only reason I am talking to you.”

Here’s the amusing part.

Christie Vilsack, the wife of former Iowa Governor (and current presidential candidate) Tom Vilsack, was the main speaker. She gave her speech (while many others in the room continued their own conversations) and then she was gracious enough to stay on the main floor and speak to anyone who came up to her.

This was our chance! It went something like this:

Us: We’re atheists.

Mrs. Vilsack: [Blank stare.]

Us: How does Governor Vilsack feel about church-state separation?

Mrs. Vilsack: “I’ve never had that conversation with him!”

Us: Interesting… Here are our business cards. [They say “Secular Student Alliance” on them.]

Mrs. Vilsack: [Reads the cards] “They have groups for everything, don’t they!?”

Us: *sigh*

Clearly, we atheists don’t exist.

Actually, from what I’ve heard, Tom Vilsack is pretty good regarding church-state separation. His wife just seemed unaware of this.

We put some brochures for the Secular Student Alliance on the table in the back when no one was looking and left the party.

And I’m now officially turned off by all Democrats under 30.

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