Losing His Religion January 30, 2007

Losing His Religion

Dave Bruemmer of Cal State Fullerton wrote a couple articles regarding his de-conversion from Christianity in the school’s newspaper, The Daily Titan.

In the first article, he talks about the time he finally decided to become “Bible literate”:

Had I kept my studies narrowed to evangelical interpretations and listened to only a specific genre of Christians, I doubt that I ever would have changed my mind or questioned things. It was when I opened my mind up to outside ideas, including other Christian groups and atheist thinkers that I began to see things for what they really are.

In the second article, Dave talks about why he is so passionate about his atheism:

… I do feel an obligation to take an aggressive and even an evangelistic approach to debunking religious claims on some level, especially God’s very existence. Most non-believers simply do not believe nor do they give it any thought. The believers out there who go to church and pray in order to find happiness, guidance and support are fine. But the fundamentalists who are intolerant to others who do not share their worldview, move me to action. There is a huge difference between a belief and a fact, and these people often confuse their beliefs with facts.

And these are the individuals who want to impose their beliefs upon everyone else…

We atheists are always being accosted about our beliefs, and that is why there is a need to defend the position…

Dave closes with some not-new, but sorely needed, words:

What I would like to see is for everyone to respect each other’s right to believe or not believe what they want, so long as they are not causing anyone harm. That is far more productive than denigrating or threatening them with Hell for not agreeing with you. If you believe Orthodox Jews or Muslims are treating their women like slaves and you want to speak out against it, that’s fine. But there is nothing wrong with those groups because they don’t believe that Jesus was God. Let us judge each other, not by what we believe, but rather by our actions and the way we treat one another.

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