Masala Skeptic January 27, 2007

Masala Skeptic

During The Amaz!ng Meeting 5, I met Maria. She is also brown.

And she came to a realization:

… one of the first things I noticed was that of the 800+ attendees, there were maybe 15 people who were minorities – Asian, African-American, Latinos and Indians are not at all represented. It got me wondering why that is and although I can’t really speak to the other minorities, I think that the Indian community in this country tends to be pretty closed off, socially at least. But there’s a huge population of young “ABCDs” (American-Born Confused Desis) who have lived their lives in the United States and who probably are skeptics, maybe without really realizing it.

Very true. So Maria started a blog called Masala Skeptic, targeted to the minority skeptic audience. Maybe next year, there will be more of us attending these meetings.

Go there now, sign up for the mailing list, and comment!

I hope to be blogging there every now and then myself.

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