Random Quote of the Day January 22, 2007

Random Quote of the Day

Back from Vegas.

Curse you, Google spambot. I think I’ve removed all 238821 messages you left for me…

More on The Amaz!ng Meeting 5 coming soon.

In the meantime, here’s a fun, anticlimactic quotation from Jason Waggoner, a man who talks about how his life changed after a rough divorce:

“I was an atheist five months ago,” he said. “My life didn’t have any hope. I turned my attention to God after a divorce caused my pain and I used to party a lot. Now I attend Mount Zion Church in Clarkston. Also, I came from a church that used no instruments to praise.”

Forget the context. I love that line.

It’s as if he’s saying he turned to God after a divorce, a life of partying, and all the pain in his life… but the guitars helped, too 🙂

(Seriously, thanks to all of you who made comments over the weekend. It’s nice to know I can disappear for a few days and the conversation can continue.)

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