Setting Us Straight January 14, 2007

Setting Us Straight

Last month, Dan Neil of the LA Times wrote an article proclaiming that atheism was becoming increasingly popular. He dubbed it “Atheist Chic.”

Unfortunately, part of the article included the following statement:

Despite the recent gains among free thinkers, atheism is still hugely unpopular. There are no atheists in foxholes or in Congress…

I normally don’t refer much to letters-to-the-editor. but Fred Edwords (of the American Humanist Association) had a short, straightforward response to Neil in today’s LA Times:

I appreciated Dan Neil’s column “Atheist Chic” (800 Words, Dec. 17). So I only offer one small critique. He wrote, “There are no atheists in foxholes or in Congress.” We know why there aren’t any in Congress: It’s difficult for atheists, or even agnostics, to get elected to most public offices.

But as for those foxholes, it simply ain’t so. Atheists have had foxhole duty in nearly every war, though they’ve usually been in the closet at the same time.

It would’ve been better to have that correction made by Dan Neil in his article, but it is good to have people catching the mistakes and making the corrections, even if it is after the fact.

Has anyone else here written a published letter-to-the-editor?

Did you get any response from other readers?

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