Conan O’Brien is Blasphemous January 12, 2007

Conan O’Brien is Blasphemous

Life Decisions International, a pro-life group that apparently enjoys sticking its head into events that have nothing to do with abortion whatsoever, is angry with Conan O’Brien. What has he done?

The show airing Wednesday night featured Conan introducing “new characters” to the show (characters who never actually appear after the one episode).

One of the characters was a “homophobic country western singer.” He was introduced by Conan, who said, “Our last new character’s heart is in the right place, even if he’s a complete idiot.”

The man came on stage with a guitar and sang the following lyrics:

Oh I love you Jesus
But only as a friend.
You touched my heart but I hope
That’s where the touchin’ ends.

You’re always lookin’ over me
When I need a higher power.
But you better look at somethin’ else
When I’m in the shower.

Here’s Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of Life Decisions International, commenting on this sketch:

The idea that anyone would think about the Son of God in this way is simply appalling… The inferences that permeate the song are utterly disgusting… We wonder if O’Brien’s description of the character as a “complete idiot” is based on the man’s “homophobic” beliefs or if it is because of the inference that Jesus could be sexually interested in seeing the man naked… I don’t know if the man is a complete idiot, but I do suspect that the writer of the segment is a complete bigot.

It’s obvious to anyone who saw the sketch that the singer was referred to as an idiot because he was purposely saying something offensive. It’s called a joke.

Scott went on to say, “I notice the song was not about a Rabbi. I notice the song was not about Buddha. I notice the song was not about Muhammad,” implying that Conan has it out for the Christians.

Maybe if he watched more than one minute of the show, he would see other religious figures getting made fun of as well. Because it happens all the time. But if you want to make people laugh, you go after the big guns. The people everyone knows about. It’s the same reason Conan always makes fun of George Bush, Donald Trump, Britney Spears, and Ruben Studdard. People know them. The same offensive sketch mocking Buddha wouldn’t have made much sense to most of the audience. But everyone knows who Jesus is. Hence, funny.

Mind you, Conan himself is Roman Catholic.

Even though the sketch was talking about Jesus, I’m surprised Scott thinks this is more offensive than other staples of the show, like or the Masturbating Bear.

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  • well, i just came to this site to see if conan is really an atheist. um i used to be a really big fan of his until i wen on his my space and saw that it said he was an atheist. i haven’t watched his show for some time now. i can say that when somone makes fun of God, i don’t think its cool but that they are ignorant for the time being. i just leave the ranting and raving to thim. well, that’s all for now. o and whats the point of being a ‘friendly atheist’?

  • Bartlett

    Victoria, you obviously enjoyed his show until you found out he was an atheist. Why should that change anything? I don’t feel the need to agree with the beliefs and opinions of people to enjoy their work. Why do you feel such a need?

    In response to the “friendly” moniker, I think Hemant intends to lessen the negative (and certainly unfair) stereotype of atheists being unkind people.

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