Religious Freedom Day 2007 January 10, 2007

Religious Freedom Day 2007

Chuck Colson, the former chief counsel to President Nixon who was jailed for his involvement in Watergate, is now working with prison ministries.

He also writes a column for the Christian Post. In this week’s column, he writes about what we should do for Religious Freedom Day on January 16, 2007. He states:

In too many cases, Christian children in public school classrooms are being forced to act like atheists. After all, that is effectively what is happening when they are told not to talk about Jesus, not to sing about Jesus, and not to write about Jesus.

Two points here.

First of all, no one is stopping Christian students from talking about Jesus, singing about Jesus, or writing about Jesus. If anyone was, the ACLU along with many atheists would be on the side of the Christians.

Secondly, why do Christians so often think that not mentioning Jesus is equivalent to atheism?

It’s the same argument they use when discussing the Pledge of Allegiance–when atheists want to remove the words “under God” since the phrase wasn’t in there to begin with and we don’t believe in God. Christians act as if this is a malevolent act against their faith as if taking the phrase out amounts to atheism.

If we atheists wanted to indoctrinate the schools, you would think we’d want to change the pledge to say “One nation, under no God, indivisible”… obviously, no atheist is trying to do that.

Anyway, Colson goes on to say that “many public schools are denying students’ rights to freely express their faith…”

I’ve never heard of one instance of that.

If one existed, again, atheists would be among the first to say it’s wrong.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this much interest was placed in students’ actual education…?

So, for the record…

Christian students, you can believe whatever you want even at a public school. Read your Bible, go convert your classmates, start a Christian club after school.

Atheist students, you can believe whatever you want even at a public school. Read your Harry Potters, smile and nod when your evangelist friends try to convert you (or just tell them you’re not interested and then tell them about logic and reason), start an atheist club after school.

That’s religious freedom for you.

Colson, are you happy?

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