Interview with Brian Sapient of The Blasphemy Challenge January 8, 2007

Interview with Brian Sapient of The Blasphemy Challenge


Brian Sapient is co-founder of the Rational Response Squad, the group responsible for The Blasphemy Challenge. Prior to his work with the RRS, he was publicist for the Infidel Guy radio show.

The Blasphemy Challenge has come under fire from many religious people who see it as both offensive and (ironically enough) an improper form of blasphemy; however, the challenge is still going strong.

Brian took the time to answer a few of my questions:

Hemant Mehta: What is the goal of the Blasphemy Challenge? Can the goal ever be reached?

Brian Sapient: The original and primary goal of the Blasphemy Challenge was to provoke a conversation about religion and in this case, specifically, Christianity. As far as we’re concerned the goal has been met already. We’ve gotten some major press including three NBC local news stories, articles in Newsweek, Christian Science Monitor, along with countless blogs and smaller publications. We’ve also been featured on John Gibson, Alan Colmes, Laura Ingraham, several other smaller radio outlets, and we’ll be on Mancow on the 16th. We had also hoped that atheists would use this as an opportunity to “come out of the closet.” Today the homosexual community is treated better than they ever have before and most people credit their acceptance in society with their coming out of the closet. Merely speaking up and showing others that you look normal, seem like a nice person, and have reasonable reasons for feeling the way you do can go a long way.

HM: What would you like the reactions to be from Christians who hear about this project?

BS: In an ideal world they would begin to question why it is that they believe the things they do. Admittedly, many who are brainwashed by religion will try to defend their beliefs in the face of something like this. Christians perceive their beliefs to be of some value in their lives. They often think their very survival depends on their beliefs and then when we point out how it is damaging to them (or that we don’t need it), it is shocking. When these defense mechanisms go up they tend to have something to say or questions to ask. I think it’s important that a voice be there to respond and to keep encouraging the Christian (and all theists for that matter) to think.

HM: Are you only getting responses from atheists? Are young Christians bringing themselves to deny the Holy Spirit?

BS: We never expected to get Christians to respond; however, there have been quite a few people that have mentioned they gave up Christianity within weeks prior to recording their video. This response seems to be one from a girl who gave up Christianity as a result of the Blasphemy Challenge.

There were Christians that used mental jumps and rationalizations to explain away why we’re not actually blaspheming (there have been plenty of prayers offered for us as well). We did make a response video for the denial deniers here. Keep in mind, as I said before, we want to provoke conversation, so any rebuttal from any Christian can help open a dialogue.

HM: Is it helpful or harmful to deny a Christian idea of God (the Holy Spirit) rather than religion altogether?

BS: I believe any denial of any superstition done in public is helpful whether it be Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, paranormal claims, or homeopathy. The idea of this campaign was to focus on one Bible verse and the largest superstition in America. We live in a culture of 15-second sound bites and I’m not sure if we would’ve had this many entries had the rules been long and drawn out. With that said, we did tell people to put their personal flair on their videos and a great many people have taken the time to speak about all sorts of other gods and superstitions they don’t accept as true. We’ve simply given them a reason and a platform to do so.

HM: The Blasphemy Challenge is a short-term project. What should young atheists be doing in the long term to gain more respect and visibility?

BS: The Blasphemy Challenge is actually a long term project. During 2007 we will be creating a campaign for people who want to speak out against superstitious nonsense that will incorporate several different activities. The first idea to come to fruition is the Blasphemy Challenge. We may even offer prizes again in the future after we’ve given out the 1,001 DVDs. It is our hope that people will want to speak up, and not need a reward to do so. The Blasphemy Challenge will end when Christianity ends. Young atheists should speak up, they should converse with their friends about why they believe what they believe, and they should do so in as polite a manner as possible. If they don’t feel comfortable talking to their friends about it, they should go online where they can engage anonymously with someone else’s friends. I think the most important thing we can do to help rid the planet of this ridiculous nonsense is to keep speaking up about it. A recent blogger wrote about RRS, “I am a firm believer in John Stuart Mill’s philosophy of total inclusion when it comes to what we admit into popular discussion and the more points of view on such an important topic the better. With this approach the meritless ideas will, over time, shrivel and fade, and truth will reveal itself against the dull backcloth of falsehoods.”

HM: Which videos have been your favorites? Are there any types of videos you would prefer people *not* submit?

BS: I prefer that people stay away from hate and anything illegal, when possible I think the best approach someone can take is making a video that the viewer can’t help but to laugh at. It’s hard to hate atheists when they make you laugh.

This is my favorite.

That video really means an awful lot to me.

Rational Response Squad Oklahoma leader, Mark, goes to Church.

When possible we’ve tried to add the best videos to the beginning of the play list. The first 70 on this list have all been in the top 10 at one point.

HM: Brian Flemming was supposed to release The Beast movie on June 6th (6/6/06). I think it got renamed to Danielle but where is it as far as production and release date? (From TXatheist)

BS: It’s still in pre-production. Brian has high hopes for this film, and so he wants to put himself in a situation with a great lead actress, a great budget, and a great studio that can put out a movie suitable for your local major movie theater. This of course is every filmmakers dream, and so it’s not an easy or quick task. When he missed the 6-06-06 cutoff for the Beast, he realized how big he wanted to make this and he’s being patient as he tries to get the pieces to fit just as he wants them.

HM: What’s the most positive response you’ve gotten from a believer? I’d like to know where the positives are on this… not in number of respondents, not of amount of press-coverage. Not on the number of people who were already atheists. (From Siamang)

BS: Have you ever heard how the FCC considers one phone complaint akin to if ten people had called in? They have this theory because people are generally lazy and don’t call to vocalize complaints. I have a similar theory when it comes to making points that confront religion. I don’t think some of the most positive responses to the Blasphemy Challenge can even be known because they remain in the mind of the theist. I think it’s much easier to call the FCC than admit you’ve been misled all your life by the people you’ve trusted most. To this end we’ve had about 10 people vocally admit that the Rational Response Squad’s efforts have steered them off of religion, and I think this number represents more like several hundred people that have been turned off by religion as a result of what we’ve done. The Blasphemy Challenge has gained us attention and now we have an influx of theist posters on our message board, I don’t know how many were talking about religion elsewhere, maybe half of these people we’re not investigating (or defending as the case may be) their views. Getting people to speak about their beliefs and reading why it is that others see flaws in this thinking is a big benefit and goes to the heart of what we were trying to achieve.

HM: I would like to know whether Sapient or others in the Rational Response Squad have received credible threats of harm as a result of any of their public statements or activities. (From MTran)

BS: About 5 years ago before I started RRS I had a Christian backed up in a debate to the point where he was either forced to admit he was delusional or that his God didn’t exist. He resorted to telling me that I had won, that his God didn’t exist, and because of this he had no reason to be good, so he was coming to kill me. Funny how Christians can believe in imaginary Gods, yet have a hard time grasping something very real like law enforcement. This man somehow found out quite a bit of information on me and began calling my home, threatening my life, and telling me the name of my son, his teacher, his school, and that he would be picking him up tomorrow so I better watch my back. I called the feds, and the man didn’t bother me again. I was not updated by the feds, and don’t know what happened. To this day I have never got a threat as real as that one. We constantly get emails like “I hope you die” or “if you ever speak up again, I’m going to kill you.” These emails have almost no weight behind them, and while they are designed to make us cease and desist, instead we use them as fuel for the fire. These threats seem to be a part of the defense mechanisms mentioned earlier that theists use to protect what they believe and what they perceive to be valuable in their lives as we point out how it is damaging. We use these threats to help remember why it is we do what we do. Its threats like this that give us more reason to speak up, not reason to stand down. We’ve probably gotten about 100 death threats since starting the RRS.

HM: Your name is a pseudonym. Why is that? Why do you continue to use it while asking others to publicly declare their “blasphemy”?

BS: When I first decided to research my religious beliefs online about nine years ago, one of the first things I did was search for people who thought differently than myself. I stumbled upon the message boards. My beliefs at the time could be considered deist, and as a theist I didn’t feel threatened by using my real last name, I was ignorant to the threats that using your real last name online could pose. I spent several years researching and learning, and the more time I spent the more I started to realize that theistic belief is the most dangerous lie that has ever graced the face of our planet. I was debating with regularity, posting on many Christian sites, as well as at, no less than 3,000 posts per year, and never abandoned the usage of my real last name. It was after that very real death threat that I realized I should remain anonymous. My son should have nothing to do with my thoughts, and should never have to worry about having his life threatened because of what I do. I can handle death threats made on me, but death threats against my son, I absolutely must protect him from, it’s completely unfair to him to have to deal with that.

During this time period I had accepted a volunteer role in the management and upkeep of Atheist Network, and I looked to one of the other managers of the site for help determining what moniker I should use. It was this close friend who came up with the name Sapient. And since that point, I’ve used it for all my online activity. I’ve always been proud of the fact that I didn’t choose that name for myself, as it seems cocky to refer to oneself as wise or sagacious. I probably come off as both cocky and someone who enjoys the spotlight, however I feel like I’m neither. I hate the spotlight, I dread it, I don’t like being put under a microscope, but I feel as if there aren’t enough people speaking out. I feel as if I have to do it, someone has to do it, and I try to fill that void. I’d love for others to fill my shoes, do this better than I, and to some degree there are many people who do… but not enough.

One question that you didn’t ask but others often do is “Shouldn’t we just respect other peoples beliefs?” I bring this question up because it falls in line with that “have to speak up” mindset that I have. I (and probably most of you) grew up in a society where we were taught to respect other peoples beliefs, however I think this notion has been promulgated by theists who often times don’t actually respect other peoples beliefs. But for a moment I’ll assume theists respect the beliefs of atheists, and address the question differently. I am very humanistic in the sense that I care for humanity greatly and want the best for it. I feel that through what I’ve learned, the religious mindset is extremely dangerous to society and to oneself. Extreme examples include the 9-11 hijackers who killed themselves for a heavenly reward, or the man who murdered an abortion clinic doctor for Jesus, or currently the subversion of stem cell research when many of the people who are against it could cure themselves of illnesses they will have later in life should they abandon their mission to subvert this research. These are threats that are actually very dangerous to the individual people who believe these outlandish claims without proof. I think that in order to properly respect people who hold religious belief, you must, you are forced to disrespect the religious belief itself. If you were addicted to heroin or cocaine, and you told me it was good for you and I utilized this “respect other peoples beliefs” notion, I wouldn’t be able to tell you that you were wrong. However if I care about you and respect you, I am forced to tell you that your beliefs are ridiculous and run contrary to evidence. I think it’s time for people to disrespect religious belief and do so fervently. Do I think people need to use their real name in order to be a voice against superstitious nonsense? No. In fact I think quite the opposite, keep your real name private. Religious people are dangerous, you’re trying to help them so they are less a danger to society and themselves, you’re not trying to get yourself killed.

HM: Do you ever have second thoughts as to whether or not openly defiant acts such as the Blasphemy Challenge or the Bible Recycling Program are perhaps in poor taste? (From AustinAtheist)

BS: Of course, doubt is good, it’s healthy. It’s because I doubt, re-analyze, and second guess myself that I am able to admit when I’m wrong. You should know that we’re very open to constructive criticism; on the other hand deconstructive criticism is a pet peeve. With that said, I don’t see much at the present time that we are doing that I regret or would want to do much differently had I had a second chance. And for the record, I think theistic belief itself is in poor taste, it’s an insult to human intellect.

Brian added these kind (and humbling) parting words:

Thanks Hemant for everything you’ve done to help further awareness of who atheists are. I very much respect what you’ve managed to accomplish in the last few years, I wish you success with your book, and look forward to having you on my show. Thanks also to your friends for asking some good questions, I appreciate the opportunity to be heard. If anyone reading this is interested in engaging in the sort of blunt discourse that RRS engages in, please join us at

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  • Lisa Anne Kiraly

    It is both sad and pathetic that Brian and *Kelly* are having people tape their confession of the blasphemy of the holy spirit for a COPY OF THEIR DVD! Talk about selling youre soul to the media lol. They find weak and unstable christians who turn into atheist for a free DVD. WOW great job guys lol

  • Lisa– I think you’re missing the point. Most people that I know who participated in the Blasphemy Challenge did not do it for the DVD. They did it because it was an opportunity to go public with their atheism, and for many atheists, this is not easy to do. So the Challenge was very liberating in that sense. My guess is the turnout would’ve been the same without the DVD “prize.”

    I also don’t think many Christians converted to atheism for the purposes of this challenge. They had become atheists through their own logical thinking, and the Challenge just gave them a chance to express this new point of view.

  • crystal

    I find the RRS just as bad as fundies. They act a lot like them (placing stuff in churches, etc). I’ve heard they’ve tried to get rid of stuff that helps people, like non-traditional medicine, which has nothing to do with religion. These guys really are forcing stuff on people-I’m not even talking about the blasphemy challenge, I’m talking about the “handing out of stuff”. I actually found one of their “flyers” on my car, all about the challenge and how all religious people are deluded and blah blah. I’m a Wiccan, and I do take offense even though it’s the Christian god they are denying, b/c sooner or later they’ll come after us too. They’ve said the “blasphemy challenge” will end when Christianity ends. Sound pretty arrogant-so what’s next, when Wicca ends? When Judiasm ends? When Paganism ends? When beliefs people have cherished for centuries for are all gone (the Wiccans hurt NO ONE), to make one guy who had a fundie upbringing that he is obviously rebelling against happy? That might as well have been a Chick track on my car. Oh, and for the record, these stupid stunts of theirs only makes angry Christians go after people like ME, but hey, according to Flemming were all stupid anyway right? I’ve even met many atheists who think he’s gone too far.

    I’m not a fan of Christianity, but if the RRS tries to ban my religion and medicines that help people, I will fight them tooth and nail, and I know many others who will too. I was ok with Dawkins and Harris’s books, but these guys have gone too far (though D&H should be honest, it’s mostly the monotheistic religions they are after, so why not just admit it?) This is not just about “having atheists come out of the closet”, (that part I’d be fine with) this is openly about getting rid of “all supernatural belief” just b/c Brian Flemming doesn’t like it. Showing up as nice people? Have you seen some of the videos? They come across as anything but nice. Sorry, but I’m not going to change my life to make one bitter guy happy. If you go to amazon and look at his movie, the reviews aren’t very good, and they are not being written by Christians. Get therapy, don’t force your beliefs on others. That goes for both sides. I’ve had to deal with crazies from both sides. How are you any better than the fundies then? If he’d stopped at just the blasphemy challenge, it would be okay. But if you read his website, he openly promotes that the RRS is out to “convert” people by putting stuff on cars, in churches, and all over the place, and getting in people’s faces. Yeah, big improvement over the fundies guys. In my opinion, he’s just another kind of fundie, and he’s just using the fundie training he got toward something else. Of course supposedly the word “fundie” can’t be used, so fine, militant. But I would say he does adhere to a dogma: destroy all belief in anything no matter what, refuse to hear anything against what he wants (nevermind that like all things in life, beliefs are gray, not black and white), all to get back at the religious school he went to. There will eventually be a backlash, not so much to the the “challenge” but to the fundie tactics. Newsflash: when you try to force religion away, people keep it but they hide it, and they are willing to die for it. Look at the Pagans in the burning times, and even the Christians with the lions. Russia and China tried it too. I love how he says he doesn’t spread hate, when that seems to be most of what he does. But then again, I believe in not just one but more than one supernatural deities, so I just have a mental disorder and don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m so glad we have such intellectual giants such as Brian Flemming to tell all of us nutcases how much better he is than us. I’m going to tell every pagan, christian, jew, hindu, bahai, and anyone else I can find who is “delusional” like me to steer clear of this guy. Go ahead and throw insults at me now, but I guarantee you, there are plenty out there like me.

  • Ash

    Crystal – as far as i know, you’ve just become the sole representative of the wicca tradition on here, so stick around yeah?
    do i agree with your beliefs? no. do i deny you the right to have them? also no…

    from what i’ve heard of the RSS, they can be a bit full on, to put it mildly, and i think i’d be annoyed if anyone tried to ‘convert’ me to anything. just when you’re telling “every pagan, christian, jew, hindu, bahai, and anyone else I can find who is “delusional” like me to steer clear of this guy” please use his name, and don’t lump every atheist under the same bracket. by the same token, i’ll try not to judge every christian by the example of Falwell – or every wiccan by the loons who think looking a bit gothic and wearing a cloak is where it’s at (BTW, of the wiccans i have met, that’s a tiny minority!)

  • Bob Calvin

    I find it amusing that Mr. BS focuses only on God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, but never has anyone blaspheme the other Gods that are out there. He claims to be an Atheist against all Gods but it is apparent that he has it out for Jesus Christ alone. Just goes to show that Satan only attacks the truth and Jesus is that truth. Why don’t you all stop fighting and receive the love of God and forgiveness for your sins through Jesus?

  • crystal

    from what i’ve heard of the RSS, they can be a bit full on, to put it mildly, and i think i’d be annoyed if anyone tried to ‘convert’ me to anything. just when you’re telling “every pagan, christian, jew, hindu, bahai, and anyone else I can find who is “delusional” like me to steer clear of this guy” please use his name, and don’t lump every atheist under the same bracket. by the same token, i’ll try not to judge every christian by the example of Falwell – or every wiccan by the loons who think looking a bit gothic and wearing a cloak is where it’s at (BTW, of the wiccans i have met, that’s a tiny minority!)

    I was planning on it-mentioning the name. I certainly don’t think all atheists are like this at all and I’m sorry if I came off that way. In fact one reason I was so shocked and angry is b/c most atheists I’ve met are NOT not like this. They are usually quite tolerant as long as you don’t preach at them. In face I have read that many atheists have criticized the RSS and been slammed as a result, there was one podcast that got taken down where that Kelly girl called another athiest a “pussy atheist”. It made me think of Jerry Falwell yelling at liberal christians. I mean it’s ridiculous. And on their myspace page, Brian S. says it’s okay to be push stuff on people b/c-he’s right! That’s right! Here is a direct quote in answer to a question a fellow atheist sent to the RSS blog on myspace:

    “Comment: We are no different than the radical christians pushing their beliefs on people if we act like this.

    Answer: Bullshit. I have no problem with people trying to get others to believe the way they do. That is the way of the world. If we didn’t push our beliefs on others, we’d have no teachers, we’d have nobody passing on knowledge to each other. I hear atheists use this argument often, and I implore them to rid their vocabulary of it. Radical Christianity is not bad because it seeks to convince others of what they hold to be true, in fact you just sought to convince me of your beliefs in this email. Radical Christianity is bad because it is founded on unproven beliefs. My beliefs are founded on that which can be proven. And it’s in this way, that I’ll never be “as bad” as radical Christians.”

    So the only reason the Christians messed up is b/c they are wrong, not b/c they hurt people and forced stuff on them. Apparently, it’s okay to be a dick and get in peoples’ faces if you are RIGHT! Another atheist said these people seem mostly like kids stuck in the angry rebellion stage. And I would agree, I mean it seems like they are more interested in saying “we don’t have to be christian” than anything else. Okay, we get it, you don’t have to be. But what does that have to do with taking away christmas from those who want to celebrate it (I celebrate it as winter soltise, and I don’t care how anyone else celebrates it or doesn’t as long as no one gets hurt or forced), or trying to say ALL non-conventional medicine is bad? Do they even know anything about medicine?

    That’s mine and a lot of people’s main beefs with them. I’m glad to see many atheists telling them that as well. They won the debate on nightline, but then again, I think a 2 year old could have won against Kirk and Ray! The thing is, RSS could really do some good-they should put more energy into fighting for atheists’ rights, separation of church and state, and things like that.

    Yeah, I know there are plenty of Wiccan freaks too 🙂

    If I could sum RSS up in one way, it would be this: “just because you are right, does not give you the right to be a jerk about it. in fact, you should conduct yourself better because you are right and in the advantage.” Hopefully these kids will learn that when they grow up.

    I find it amusing that Mr. BS focuses only on God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, but never has anyone blaspheme the other Gods that are out there. He claims to be an Atheist against all Gods but it is apparent that he has it out for Jesus Christ alone.

    Even with my gripes with christianity, I have to agree. I think the main reason is b/c he was raised fundie christian, so that is what he’s rebelling against. he does mention other religions, but more peripherally. it would be interesting to see what would happen if he attacked the jewish religion-after everything they’ve been through they don’t put up with much, and are usually pretty rational in how they respond. but I doubt he will-hmm, now who’s the “pussy?” I really hope more intellgent atheists (like the friendly one here :)) overshadow these guys.

  • peter schmitt

    You say that you were raised Christian, correct? What denomination were you? I want to point out, being a follower of Christ, that there will be no denominations or religions in Heaven. You either believe on Jesus or you don’t. On this earth we have a choice to believe that Jesus was a mad man, a really good person, or the Son of God that He said He was. Due to the signs and wonders that followed Him, I have made my choice. How is it that when the Holy Spirit speaks through believers by tongues, healings, and miracles, can we so easily deny the current work of the Living God in our society? Please don’t rebuttle by saying how much evil there is in the world that God can’t exist or care. That is the human error of choice. The signs follow those that believe and I have seen them and experienced them. How is it that you believe that we are here by some random chance? What is the purpose of our being on this earth? These are all questions you must ask yourself before you blaspheme the name of the Living God. I will tell you this, his grace is unending, his mercy is unmeasurable, and if you were to come to Jesus today and believe on Him, he would forgive all that you have said and done. Do not think that I speak to you as a self-righteous person who thinks that I am better than you. I am better than no man and understand that it is only through what Christ did at the Cross that I will escape the pit of hell. It is the love inside me that is making me reach out to you now. It is not about religion. God never intended religion. Religion is in most cases idolatry if it is not worshipping the True and Living God. He is alive through His Word. Jesus allowed us to see God in the flesh so that we may better understand the compassion and love that God has for His creation. I can relate with you about rationale, because I am a math teacher who sees life as very black and white. I need to see things to believe them. Jesus revealed Himself to me during my most blasphemous moments and gave me a chance to come to Him. If you are searching for proof, the Bible says, “the closer you draw to Me, the closer I will draw to you.” When you become skeptical, you allow doubt in your mind and there is no room for faith. So how can you possibly determine what is real or right. We need to test all things to know what is right and holy unto the Lord. Think about the perfect nature of this world and it’s creation. We live on a giant ball that floats in the middle of nothingness. Every person is unique. Creation demands the need for a creator. What is your explanation? Considering that one of your purposes of this site is to help people think, I hope you don’t forget to try that purpose on yourself. Brian, I will be praying that God will reveal Himself to you in such a mighty way that it would be impossible for you to deny His Work. Try to keep your heart open because as Jesus said, “broad is the path that leads to destruction, and narrow is the path that leads to life.” He is the path we need to take. All other paths lead to the destruction of our soul. Take care and God Bless.

    Peter Schmitt

  • Hey Brian and Hemant,
    I was wondering how athiests would explain the existence of matter and energy, or rather the advent of matter and energy. Don’t the laws of thermodynamics kinda refute the possibility of matter and energy coming into being through natural processes?

    I was also wondering if there was substantial, falsifiable, demonstrable findings that show abiogenesis to be plausible. I know only that a few amino acids have been produced in very controled conditions – and that those acids did not have the same structure as those found in most living things (left-handed vs right handed amino acids). If there is evidence of abiogenesis that you know of please share it with me as I enjoy studying those sorts of things.

    I’ve also heard that the more a type of animal speciates the narrower its gene pool gets. Doesn’t this seem to actually call into question the idea that mutation combined with speciation can creat new classes and families of animals and plants. I know that speciation has created new species of animals over time, but this can be done without mutation. In order for darwinian evolution to be plausible, mutation as a mechanism for change would have to be present and capable of significantly changing the gene code without destroying the animal or cell it occurred in. Actually, wouldn’t the mutation have to either occur in gametes or zygote – or somehow be passed to them in order for them to be retained by the species. (I must add that I am not talking about the absorbtion of previously existing genetic material along with its subsequent incorporation into the genetic code by single celled organisms – this happens and can be beneficial. I’m talking about the creation in larger animals, mammals for instance, of new and beneficial alleles that lead to substantial change – like what someone might see in punctuated equilibrium if it were to occur) Do you know of any such instance that has been observed and recorded where mutation coupled with speciation and natural selection has created a new class of animals? If it hasn’t been observed, then can it really be a scientific fact?

    I’m just a kid really, I’ll be able to have my first beer in September. So please excuse any gross ignorance – but I’ve thought about this a TON because the issue of origins has influenced my entire world view, as I’m sure it does yours. These are just the three biggest questions I have.

    Thanks for your time.


  • Juan

    Can anyone prove to me that GOD ALLMIGHTY does not exist?

  • siamang

    Can anyone prove god exists in the first place? Nobody ever has. Why waste time bowing and scraping to something nobody can prove? Life’s too short to spend it chasing ghosts and phantoms. Life’s for the living!

  • Juan

    Siamang…………. Can u prove to me that electricity or wind exist? If u can prove it to me, i’ll prove to u that GOD ALLMIGHTY does exist, your just blind and the divil has blinded you just like millions of people around the world!!! OPEN YOUR EYES, GOD LOVES YOU!!! Why do u think your here?????

  • brandon

    Right on brother, no spaghetti monster or wizard in the sky for me. just took the blasphemy chalng last wkend.

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