Blasphemy Challenge Still Going Strong January 6, 2007

Blasphemy Challenge Still Going Strong

***Update: If you would like to pose questions to Brian Sapient, Rational Response Squad co-founder (and thus, one of the leaders of the Blasphemy Challenge project), please write them in the comments. An interview with Sapient is forthcoming***

Even Newsweek is getting in on the action.

The Blasphemy Challenge is where people submit videos to YouTube saying the catch phrase “I deny the Holy Spirit” in exchange for a free copy of The God Who Wasn’t There.

For some reason, many people are offended by this.

Which is strange because youth groups at churches everywhere effectively say “I deny atheism” every week without a second thought. Why is it a problem when young atheists proclaim they can live a life without God?

I’m not saying this is effective at getting our atheist message across to religious people. I think this type of “challenge” hurts us in the long run. (As does the same Rational Response Squad’s War on Christmas. And the atheist group at University of Texas – San Antonio’s infamous Smut for Smut campaign.)

But it gets media attention. And I’m convinced that the more we can put the faces of atheists out there, letting people know we exist and we’re good people who lead moral lives without God, the better off we are.

So I’m torn as to whether or not I approve of what the Blasphemy Challenge is doing.

I’m guessing people are not going to like the Rational Response Squad’s next project either: A Bible recycling program.

Then again, my collection of Gideon Bibles is growing by the month… and I’m not sure what to do with them…

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