Grand Canyon January 3, 2007

Grand Canyon

Finally. That whole “geology” hoax has been upended…

The Grand Canyon National Park has been forced by the National Park Service (whose officials were appointed by Bush) to sell a book claiming the canyon was formed by Noah’s Flood, instead of by geologic forces. While the Park superintendent is against this decision, he has been overridden.

A press release issued by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) states this alarming fact about books for sale:

…materials are only to reflect the highest quality science and are supposed to closely support approved interpretive themes. Moreover, unlike a library the approval process is very selective. Records released to PEER show that during 2003, Grand Canyon officials rejected 22 books and other products for bookstore placement while approving only one new sale item — the creationist book.

The book, Grand Canyon: A Different View, is now being sold in the “Inspirational” section of the gift shop instead of the “Natural Science” section. Still, it shouldn’t be there in the first place.

But it must be good. It’s endorsed by Ken Ham.TM

A lovely, up-to-date timeline of Grand Canyon geology can be found here.

(Thanks to Logos for the link)

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