Senior Atheists January 1, 2007

Senior Atheists

In a gated community in Rossmoor, California, members of a senior community meet in an Atheist and Agnostic Club that has been around for a couple years.

Richard Golden, who began the group, says he started it because he “realized that many atheists ‘feel isolated and socially ostracized.'”

For anyone who says even atheists find God when faced with death, read this excerpt:

In the past year, three members died. The group put up their pictures and toasted the departed with wine.

“We celebrated their life,” Golden said.

Clifford Straehley, a member who [had given a] talk about Buddhism, said he is not afraid of death; he views it as a dreamless sleep.

“At the age of 85, I have no fears about death at all. I came to terms with that 20 years ago,” Straehley said.

It’s great to see articles like these– we need more of them. Go send your words of appreciation to the writer of the article, Elisabeth Nardi.

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