Christmas Eve with Sam Harris December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve with Sam Harris

The LA Times published an article written by Sam Harris today in which he discusses 10 myths and truths about atheism.

The 10 Myths:

1) Atheists believe that life is meaningless.

2) Atheism is responsible for the greatest crimes in human history.

3) Atheism is dogmatic.

4) Atheists think everything in the universe arose by chance.

5) Atheism has no connection to science.

6) Atheists are arrogant.

7) Atheists are closed to spiritual experience.

8) Atheists believe that there is nothing beyond human life and human understanding.

9) Atheists ignore the fact that religion is extremely beneficial to society.

10) Atheism provides no basis for morality.

It’s still surprising to me that anyone can believe atheists are “dogmatic” (What’s dogmatic about being rational? Beats me) and that atheism “provides no basis for morality.” But there you go.

Nice to see this type of article in a major paper on Christmas Eve, especially as recent polls point to the fact that over 80% of people actually believe in angels. (While more educated people have less of a tendency to believe in them, it’s still an embarrassingly high percentage.)

I’m looking forward to reading the response to Harris’ article.

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