Atheist Brigade December 17, 2006

Atheist Brigade

Brooke Gladstone of NPR talks about the “Atheist Brigade” that is becoming more vocal. You can listen to the story here.

One part of the story talks about the ludicrous saying “There are no atheists in foxholes.” A soundbyte with that quotation was played– spoken by NPR reporter John Burnett. Burnett is asked about why he used the line– he didn’t realize it was offensive, he says. He adds “they spammed me for weeks,” referring to the numerous complaints from atheists.

Did the complaints make him think twice about the phrase?

Burnett responds: “Frankly, I will think twice before I use it again.”

Think twice? Don’t think twice. Think once. Realize it’s ignorant to say the lie. Then stop saying it.

To their credit, they do get some good quotations from atheists Sam Harris, Ellen Johnson, Gregory House, M.D., and Jen from Dawson’s Creek

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