The Atheist November 30, 2006

The Atheist

The Atheist is the name of a play opening in New York City. The story is about a guy named Augustine, who is “a man on a mission to become famous even if it kills him.”

What does the title have to do with anything? It’s kind of inspirational, really. According to one review:

Augustine tells us that he “knew from a young age I was going to be famous. More famous than anybody I ever knew. But I didn’t come into my own — understand my talent, that is — until after I lost my faith in God.” Once the Almighty was out of the picture, Augustine believed there were no rules, no boundaries, no consequences except those that were man-made.

A lot of religious people take this type of thinking out of context. For them, no rules and no boundaries is the equivalent of saying atheists can kill, rape, be otherwise evil, you get the picture.

But the quotation above is more the idea we’re going for. The idea that we created the type of world we live in, we evolved into conscious thinking creatures after billions of years, we have the ability to change the lives of those around us for the better– those are the types of ideas you realize when God leaves the picture. They’re powerful, incredible, awe-inspiring.

Of course, religious people can attribute many of these qualities to God, but when you realize we can do it (we have done it) without divine intervention, it gives you an even stronger sense of power over your own life.

In any case, the show’s getting some good reviews. And it’s always nice to see the word “atheist” used in a positive way. Anyone planning on seeing the show?

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