Left Behind: The Game November 30, 2006

Left Behind: The Game

If you’re ever bored, here’s the game for you to play.

Via The Atheist Experience, Left Behind: Eternal Forces (based on the bestselling novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins) has been released and the reviews are in.

GameSpot says:

Don’t mock Left Behind: Eternal Forces because it’s a Christian game. Mock it because it’s a very bad game

Nobody has enough faith to endure a game with such a hokey story, terrible mission design, serious problems with the interface and graphics, and loads of crippling bugs.

You are in control of the gospel singers and missionaries, and you must defeat the secularists, devils, and rock stars. By defeat, they mean you must convert them by “raising their spirit level.”

(Did anyone see The Simpsons when Bart played the Christian video game? When he thought he defeated a bad guy, Rod Flanders told him, “No, you just winged him and made him a Unitarian.”)

The game gets even better (from a what-the-hell-is-this? point of view). Gender and race roles are laid bare:

Only males can become priestlike disciples and handyman builders, whereas only women can become nurses. Female units are actually designated as such and given ridiculous titles like “Friend Woman” and “Medic Woman,” a sexual distinction that unsurprisingly isn’t extended to their male counterparts. Finally, the game isn’t politically correct when it comes to race, either, because a fair number of the bad guys bear Arab and African names.

A couple other gems from the review:

One major annoyance with all of this is that units steadily lose spirit unless they’re bolstered with regular prayer.


…it’s more than a little bizarre that you can sign on with the Antichrist in multiplayer battles.

It’s… hard to imagine Christians appreciating a game where you can join the forces of Satan, even if only in multiplayer.

If that wasn’t enough, in between levels the game “teaches” you about Evolution and the Bible, while trying to get you to buy (for real) Christian music.

It’s available on PC which means it’s probably downloadable online if you look for it.

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    All I can say is that brainwashing people with an electric guitar sounds awesome.

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