Shelley the Republican November 28, 2006

Shelley the Republican

You know, if there weren’t over 300 blogs linking to this site, I probably wouldn’t care. But man, this is ignorant.

Apparently, I hate God. (I did not know this.) Also, I’m bitter about God’s creation (Stupid planet Earth… trying to sustain life…).

I am afraid, though. He found out about our conspiracy with the Islamofascists, the Homosexuals, and the Satanists.

(Why would atheists want to ally themselves with Islamofascists…? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?)

Sadly, I don’t think this is a satire site…

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  • Stones

    Greetings from Denmark.. Europe..

    Dear Tristan, I believe I talk for most people here when I say that we all support family values, what most of us don’t support or understand is the utter ignorance on the site.

    your articles about Linux, your general beliefs.. I just can’t get into my mind how so many people can be so ignorant..

    sorry if I am being to direct or honest.
    I just can’t get myself to believe that shellytherepublican is not a hoax, it would be to sad if it was real

  • Stones is a satirical entertainment web site. The purpose of this website is to point out political and societal injustice by exaggerating the viewpoint of the party the injustice originates from. Basically it’s save to say that almost all information in the articles on this web site are false. The web site is designed to be funny. If you don’t find it funny, we kindly ask you to leave. We are committed to Freedom and Justice for all. Please let your friends know about this website. Thanks.

    found this on Goggle

    Right now I feel utter stupid

  • Dear Atheists – my website is NOT a satire. I’ve no idea about that so-called quote you claim to have found. I’m sure you liberals think it’s very funny to say that our site is “just a joke”, and you can fake as much evidence as you want to “prove” it.

  • Hi everyone,, and Aithiest,

    Sadly, this “Shelley the Republican” is no joke. In fact, it’s a real tragedy. Luckily, we have created a wonderfull tribute site to her and her throw-back kind. Please visit our lovely little corner of the web, and let Shelley and her kind know how truly retarded she and they are. Find us at…

    Tell em’ Santorum sent ya

  • Hester

    Hi, this is Hester, I post on Shelley the Republican a lot. I haven’t figured out if Shelley’s real or not but I do have this to say: if the site is fake they’ve spent an awful lot of time making a fake web site. They’ve been updating it everyday for years. They reply back to comments, post them quickly (except for me. They hate me. I think it’s rather funny), its just so involved. Real or fake, the actual obsessive republicans are what makes the site worth posting on.

  • Friend,

    Shelley is as real as the Love of Jesus. Shelley does not hate you, she just wishes you and your atheist liberal friends would stop your sinning ways and repent to Jesus.

    I’m proud to be a part of her site; We are one of the few 100% American pro-family values sites that still keeps up with the values of mainstream America. We are the people who support our troops and stand by our president at a time of war. Why is it so much to ask the same of you liberal types?

    Yours in Christ,

    Tristan J. Shuddery

  • About the satire thing: had it in their TOS for a long time, that people should understand that this site is satire. It even spelled it out that Shelley and others are fictional characters. They removed it from the TOS now but the page did not change, thus it is most likely still true. You can see it when there are obvious mismatches between claim ( hosted on Windows for example) and reality (UNIX error messages).^^

  • Hester

    I still think there’s some merit to posting on Shelley. I have found it to be extremely useful as a practice for confronting real crazy “Christians” (I’m a Christian, and I feel that people who take the religion to dangerous extremes really aren’t) I go to a lot of protests and I never used to know what to say to people who show up and say “I think the people in Africa should die”. Now I speak to them with control and eloquence, thanks to the experience I’ve gained from STR.

    Love Dearly, Hester!

  • cole

    Billy Bob Neck is a comedian who performs in comedy clubs in Boston and is associated with a group called drinking liberally. On their site before, in the terms and conditions, it said it was satire. It’s a very good satire and they are very dedicated to it. But once you start looking at it, there’s hints all over the site about it being a satire.

  • mean

    “SoWhy”and “cole said,”

    It also said “don’t ruin the joke” but when we are at it. BBN Hour of beeing good is also descibed as satir.

  • Hester

    Ah, so it is a satir!….Well then maybe I should be a bit wilder in my posts there…

    hmmm, this could be fun

  • Tom

    This seems like satire to me, and if its not well then the people who contribute to it are sick puppies.

  • Jon

    Yes, this is definitely satire. If it’s not the now missing entry that stated that it was a satire, its the blatant/hilarious misspellings, unbelievably racist slurs and inimbibeably ridiculous ideas and viewpoints. A funny and semi-obvious satire that seems to catch an enormous amount of people in its net… I admit I am atheist, but surely even a mainstream white middle class respectable catholic/protestant educated car driving Christian republican could agree that this is a joke?

  • anonymous

    *sigh* I can’t for the life of me tell if this is satire or not. It is a sad day indeed when even this shit might be the real deal. Further, what possible motivation could be behind such deep satire is beyond me. Except for the lulz, I guess…

    Ya’ know, back in the olde days of the internets, trolling used to mean something…

  • JCH

    I love the Freedom Blog. It’s one of the funniest things on the Internet. What blows me away is the fact that people don’t understand it’s not real. Are you people that stupid? And please, spare me the “sadly, I think it’s real” stuff. It’s not. But it is 100 percent funny. The angry comments here and on the site are the best. I love their dedication to never giving the audience a wink or nod. I fully expect Tristan or someone from the site to respond to this by saying how “it’s not fake and that I hate America” or something. Deep down, I guess I really respect how they have figured out how right-wingers think. I hope they are never exposed and I hope they keep posting. It’s just that funny. My fav is how they paste Jesus’ face over nudity and other horrible things. Genius!

  • Kraut Jenkins

    I can’t tell if it’s satire or not because there are extremists for all causes- Islam, Christians, Republicans, Liberals- some people take their beliefs overboard, and it happens with all beliefs. Maybe all of the extreme conservatives got together and made a website, or maybe it’s a bunch of assholes who are messing with us.
    I am a Christian, German Liberal. However, I also don’t think that the Republican party holds with this extreme level of white supremacy, religious intolerance, and nationalism. So, if STR is real, then we have to realize that they are misguided. If not, then lets just laugh about this and move on.

  • After reading countless of “articles” on Shelley, I have come to the conclusion that the whole website must be a POE.
    nowhere have I found such a vile display of oxymorons and self contradiction.
    however, if you have any information that contradicts my assessment, please disclose that information.
    There are satirical websites like this all over the place. The thing is, that sometimes it’s hard to differ the serious ones with satire…

  • Tyler Brainerd

    If anyone needs further proof, look at their God’s hitlist page. Their writer tristen is on it, claimed to have turned from God and died, before his replies here on this blog. So, unless he’s writing from hell…

  • Tristan is my idol

    So I just realized somethind hilarious!!!
    The following quote was posted earlier in the forum

    “We all know that God is punishing sinners and God is always fair in his judgement. The worst sinners will be killed by the sword but light to medium sinners will often be punished by baldness, God’s way of exposing them to the sight of society. Bald men are most likely criminals. 10 of the 19 9/11-hijackers were bald!

    If you take a good look around yourself you will find baldness. If you are in Prison or in a predominantly Liberal society, baldness is more common. If you live among the Godly, in Republican communities are if you visit a church, baldness is a rare sight. It’s clear indication for how God works.”

    Did you see Tristan’s picture? He’s BALD!
    Grab your torch and pitchfork!

  • just great

    Pretty funny that the oh so intelligent atheists fall for this.

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