A Christian in Atheist Shoes November 9, 2006

A Christian in Atheist Shoes

Mike O. tells an interesting story at Off the Map. His son attends a Christian high school. In History class, students were assigned to represent different faiths for a mock discussion. Mike’s son was assigned to atheism.

So you *know* this is going to be either really good or terribly bad…

The son did his homework. As Mike says,

The class was divided into the four camps, and apparently the “atheists” were the only ones that came prepared. My son had answers to the questions he thought he would be asked, and he prepared questions for the other “atheists” in the class to ask. Their strategy was to ask a fairly innocuous set up question and when the Christian gave the pat Christian answer, a related, more difficult question … one that actually required some THOUGHT … was asked.

My son won the debate. I don’t think that was supposed to happen.

His son is still a Christian, for those who are curious, but kudos to him for being able to see the other side.

I’d love to know what thought-provoking questions he asked of the other faiths and what he responded with when he was asked tough questions.

How well could atheists represent Christians? While I’m sure most would have the content knowledge, I’m not as sure how many would be willing to represent Christianity in a debate. Even for a class assignment.

Mike also raises a question about whether disproving Evolution is equivalent to proving God. Short answer: No. For the longer answers, see the comments on the Off the Map page.

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