Religious Car Sticker November 5, 2006

Religious Car Sticker

This one hits close to home since Burbank, IL isn’t too far from where I live. After six months of deliberation, Nichole Schultz, a college student and atheist, no longer has to display her city vehicle sticker. The sticker displays a soldier kneeling at a cross. Which, according to the city, is not a symbol of Christianity. (Of course, if the cross was upside down, I’m sure Christians would rightfully be upset.)

Burbank Mayor Harry Klein responded to all this by saying, “”It’s not like there’s anyone hanging on it.”

So she doesn’t want to display it. She’ll still pay the vehicle tax. She doesn’t even want the city to rescind the stickers for everybody, but rather just wants an exception to be made for her. Whats the problem here? Good for Nichole.

On a side note, she was helped in her lawsuit by Rob Sherman, a prominent Illinois atheist who always seems to be around when a church-state issue is afoot in the state. The letter he sent to the city of Burbank is here. He never received a response.

Is this too petty of a case to have gone to court or do you think its legitimate?

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