Mrs. Garrison’s Theory of Evolution November 4, 2006

Mrs. Garrison’s Theory of Evolution

Is this how bad it sounds to people who don’t understand it?

And the *ahem*… “lovemaking” scene with Richard Dawkins and Mrs. Garrison was priceless.

The South Park guys, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have said in interviews that they were going to poke fun at atheism this season, but I’m not sure any real point was made about it. Dawkins’ character came off pretty accurately. He was intelligent, trusting in science, and wanting to keep church and state separate at school– even when someone was spreading atheist beliefs. The rest of the episode centered around a side story that had no major connection to the Dawkins storyline, although it did feature several different “races” of atheist tribes at war with one-another.

This was presumably part one of a two part episode, so perhaps we’ll see a better conclusion this Wednesday night. I wouldn’t mind if they actually mocked atheism– as long as they were funnier about it. This episode wasn’t anywhere near as hilarious as their episodes ripping on Scientology or the Catholic Church.

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