Personal Evangelism and Focus on the Family October 31, 2006

Personal Evangelism and Focus on the Family

A little while back, a Christian named Matt sent me a Bible he thought I would enjoy. He wrote, “As a Christian it bothers me so much to hear how stupid Christians are. It’s all a numbers game and it’s just all about how many people you ‘share Christ’ with. And to all of them, that just means trying to convince people why Christianity is right.” The Bible he sent was a Holman New Testament (Personal Evangelism Edition)! Matt said to check out the back of this Bible… so I went there and I saw notes on how to share this Bible with others– how to “save” them. Allow me to share some of what irritated Matt … verbatim.

Don’t let these instructions intimidate you. They are simple to follow. Get your pen, a colorful highlighter, and mark your sharing Bible/New Testament as follows:

  1. In the front of your Bible, write the page number ** of Romans 3:23.
  2. Highlight Romans 3:23
  3. Write the page number ** of Romans 6:23 in the top margin. Since I usually sit across from the person with whom I am sharing, I turn the Bible around to face him. In this same manner, with the Bible facing away from you, write the notes in the top margin (now the margin nearest you). This way, while your friend reads the Scripture aloud, you can read your “upside-down” notes.

    [Hemant’s note: Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”]

  4. Highlight Romans 6:23 and write the page number ** of John 3:3 in the margin.*
  5. Circle the word sin.
  6. Underline the word death.
  7. Write the word hell over the word death.
  8. Underline the word in.
  9. Highlight John 3:3 and write the page number ** of John 14:6 in the margin.*
  10. Draw a cross and an X next to John 3:3.
  11. Highlight John 14:6 and write the page number ** of Romans 10:9-11 in the margin.*
  12. Highlight Romans 10:9-11 and write the page number ** of 2 Corinthians 5:15 in the margin.*
  13. Highlight 2 Corinthians 5:15 and write the page number ** of Revelation 3:20 in the margin.*
  14. Highlight Revelation 3:20.

* Don’t forget to turn your Bible around to write your notes in the (top) margin nearest you.
** You may write the page number and/or the Scripture reference.

Anytime an atheist quotes the Bible, we are attacked for taking the Bible out of context. We’re told we’re missing the big picture. So, why is it ok when Christians do it?

Not to mention the whole “circle sin” and “underline death” is just kinda creepy. I can read. I see what it says. Are you trying to scare me into believing?

There are also “36 Response Scripts to Objections” (for being a Christian). One of my favorites is this one:

5. I’m having too much fun.


  • Why?
  • (Echo back what your friend answers. Example:) In other words, you are into the party scene– sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
  • According to this, when you die, where are you going?
  • Drive carefully. (or) Have a nice day.
  • (If he answers, “hell,” with fear and trembling) Are you ready to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior?

First of all, who still considers “rock and roll” a sin? Is rock and roll even in existence anymore…?

Second, “Drive carefully”??? I’m a bit upset that the converter gives up so easily! I would think this person has some tenacity. They did circle “sin” after all.

Third, if anyone is “trembling with fear” after the mere question, “According to this, when you die, where are you going?” their non-Christian beliefs probably aren’t very strong in the first place… it’s like picking low hanging fruit. Is this the type of person any religion wants?


On another note, I received a pre-election email from Focus on the Family, the group headed by James Dobson. Tom Minnery, Senior VP of Government & Public Policy, writes:

The liberals know what a difference values voters made in 2004, so they have tried to discourage you from voting. I hope you’ll help give the liberals one big surprise on Election Night by not only voting yourself, but by doing everything in your power to get friends, family and other likeminded voters to the polls on Nov. 7. Above all, please pray for God’s divine intervention on behalf of righteousness in our nation. (Italics mine)

So apparently, God causes faulty voting machines.

I don’t understand the reasoning behind the last line. Minnery tells conservatives to go out and vote… but then follows that by saying they should pray for God’s intervention in the election. Isn’t that contradictory?

And if Democrats win control of the House and the Senate, by Focus on the Family’s logic, did God sit this one out or did conservatives just not pray hard enough?

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