The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins September 23, 2006

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

A friend sent me an advance copy of Richard Dawkin’s new book, The God Delusion, a couple weeks ago. I finally finished reading it yesterday…


It is good. Very good. I wish it was around my freshman year of high school– it would’ve provided a lot of confidence to me at a time when my doubts about religion were just forming. Having been an atheist for almost ten years now, I thought I already knew the main arguments in favor of atheism, and yet as I read the book, there were at least four or five separate occasions where I just reread a passage, stunned, by an argument that made so much sense I couldn’t believe I had never considered it.

The book is out next month. Go buy it or borrow it. I don’t know if many religious people will read the book… they might be turned off by the title and not even give the book a chance. But I would like to know what a Christian’s response would be to the various arguments.

In the past fews years, I’ve read a number of books and articles that criticize Christian arguments for God. Some focus on the “proofs” of God and others rip on the accuracy of the Bible. But I rarely see any Christian books that dispose of arguments against religion in a way that doesn’t resort to saying “The Bible Is Always Right.” Then again, before the authors could do that, they’d have to understand what atheists actually believe, and I have yet to see an accurate representation of atheists in Christian literature.

But if there is a response to Dawkins’ points, refuting them, I would love to read it. Show me why he’s wrong.

On another note, the release of the book coincides with the start of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, an organization with a mission to promote rational thinking, original research, and perhaps most importantly, “Charitable giving by secularists to humanitarian good causes” (in other words, they’ll give money to, say, victims of natural disasters, without trying to evangelize/preach/attach religious strings to the money).

Here’s hoping both the book and the Foundation find their way into the public sphere.

Oh! And Dawkins will be on The Colbert Report on October 17.  That’ll be fun.
I’d be interested in what your thoughts are on the book, based on the press for it (here, here) and after you’ve read it.

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  • Just two things darlin’–

    1) Christianity in the fewest words possible: Jesus said, “Believe on me.”
    2) It’s all about love…(transcendent/transforming)

    As God’s rep on planet earth, J.C. was all about love & the truth: “The truth will set you free”….what a transformative,restorative statement that is, add: ” Love your neighbor as yourself”…& that should do it.

    P.S. Apostle James said that “True religion and undefiled is that you care for the widows and fatherless.”

    Blesssings on you,

  • Nate


    It’s shocking to me that you’ve never encountered Christian grappling with intellectual issues cos there is a rich vein of material out there. Are you interested in academic or more popular writers.
    There are many Christians who have no interest in ‘blind faith’. I have a degree in philosophy from the University of Edinburgh and studied Phil of Religion in Oxford for a year.

    I could point you toward a few resources that might point you to a few more:
    Richard Swinburne — he has written a ton of material.
    Alvin Plantinga
    J.P. Moreland
    William Lane Craig
    N.T. Wright (He’s an expert in historical Jesus stuff)
    Alister McGrath has written about Dawkins though i haven’t been as impressed by him in person. I haven’t read his books.
    Polkinghorne — his expertise is science and religion.

    anyway, not all Christians are dyed in the wool 6 Day Creationists. One can hold a strong faith in God and in the Bible without jacking in your mind at the door. If it’s not true, why would I want to believe it? didn’t someone famous say “you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”?

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