Jesus Camp September 17, 2006

Now this is just frightening. Watch the video, too. It’ll give you nightmares. How can the supporters say this is not complete indoctrination? It teaches kids to hate those who believe differently from you… especially if they’re gay or have an abortion. And they proudly use the term “warriors.” And while some parts of the evangelical community might oppose this extreme camp, will they say anything negative about it? Of course not.

Fark’s comment board is always good for others’ reactions to this story.

Camp Quest, on the other hand, is a summer camp for children of atheist parents. But you won’t see those kids running around saying “Christians are evil.” They’re taught to question what they hear and remain skeptical until they have evidence.

But whose numbers are bigger? Take a guess.

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  • William

    Let me just jump in here, I have recently become an Atheist and I am rapidly becoming a very avid one. And mostly it is because people refer to the Bible and historical in the same sentence. Do any of you realize that by accepting creation, you are denying the prescence of dinosaurs, the Fertile Cresent, the Yellow River civilizations of Ancient China, and basically anything and everything that happened more than 3,000 years ago? I know you are all saying, well that’s just one part of the Bible, oh ya? Well then what leverage does God have over us? And now a lot of you are gonna go to the typical, well God could have put evolution and the Big Bang into motion. Well now you are just minimalizing your “Lord.” And every time you put a limit like that on him you make him smaller and smaller until he’s just the little box that is “God’s plan.” Fate vs. free will is very closely tied in with this argument. What is stopping me from going out right now, buying a gun and shooting someone in the head, hm? “Oh well that’s just God’s plan.” Oh really? So you mean to say you support Adolf Hitler, the guy who shot John Lennon, and Saddam Hussein, because they can’t help it ITS GOD’S PLAN!!! Who are we as Christians to decide that our God is the one who rights the plans? Who are we to lay our fates arbitrarily up to some omniscient force? And when we do things like that, aren’t we denying what makes us human, our constant ability to alter ourselves and to reason? Do we really want to relinquish that to some guy who turns people to salt? May God strike me down!!! Nope…still here, oh well…

  • Richard Wade

    Hi William,
    You sound like you’re really pissed off about something. Relax and take a few deep breaths. To be avid is great. To be angry can be self-defeating. Sometimes people become atheists because they’re fed up with how they’ve been mistreated by members of whatever religion they were brought up in. Others let go of their beliefs because they can no longer reconcile the needs of their rational minds with religious dogma. Often these two types have had to go through a very painful process, and sometimes it can leave them bitter. Since you have recently become an atheist you may be still in the midst of such an upheaval. Whatever experiences brought you to your present outlook, if you have a lot of pain and anger it’s best that you take care of it by talking about it with a trusted friend or a professional. Avoid venting it in your discussions with believers. It can undermine your credibility. Your remarks and objections you mentioned above have merit, but your tone comes across as angry and a little frantic. People will discount your points as raving regardless of how logical they may be. To speak convincingly, you have to sound rational, not just have a rational argument. Sadly there are many young, angry atheists who defeat themselves with their own anger, and who inadvertently reinforce negative stereotypes about atheists in general.

    You clearly have an ability to argue articulately and persuasively. Temper that with some empathy for the people you’re arguing against. Remember what it was like for you: the good feelings of believing and belonging, and the difficult process of leaving all that behind. Consider what you’re asking them to give up, and be patient and gentle with them. You don’t have to agree with them, or kid them or hold back your argument. Just be respectful of them as persons even if you don’t respect their beliefs.

    One last piece of advice, never use any analogy about getting a gun and shooting someone to illustrate any point. It scares the hell out of people and completely discredits your argument. Come up with some less threatening hypothetical scenario.

  • Maria

    as always, Richard Wake makes good points. I would also add that I too have seen lots of Xtians were really freaked out by this movie…….

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