Christian Health Insurance September 17, 2006

Christian Health Insurance

This came in my mail from the American Evangelistic Association. It was addressed to “Dr. Hemant Mehta.” They flatter me so.

GOOD NEWS… for Christians Only!

Dear Christian Friend,

Are your healthcare costs too high? Or maybe you can’t afford health coverage because you’re self-employed or in ministry? Perhaps you are worried that even a small medical problem will wipe you out?

Let me tell you about the breakthrough solution that’s saving thousands of dollars a year for Christians all across the country. It’s called Medi-Share! But there is a catch and here it is. You have to be a Christian and you must qualify for membership…

The good news is that Medi-Share is NOT insurance! That’s one of the reasons members save money. Because as Christians, members don’t have to pay for the worldly lifestyles of others that do not love the Lord…

Medi-Share has become one of the fastest growing healthcare options for Christians. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of God’s people while providing them with the best possible care at the lowest possible cost. Medi-Share: Affordable. Reliable. Flexible… and Biblical!

Surround your family with other Christians that care… and who will pray for you when you are ill…

The italics are mine.

The Washington Post wrote about this company last year, saying:

Critics disagree. They say Medi-Share and other church plans are essentially unlicensed health insurers operating without regulation, protection for unsuspecting consumers or public accountability. Consumers, they say, may not understand what is not covered, know that they are surrendering their medical privacy or that they could be stuck with huge medical bills.

Obviously, I wouldn’t be covered by this insurance because of my lavish, Godless, “worldly lifestyle”… which apparently consists of bungee jumping and trying to contract syphilis.

I am going to fill out the business reply card, though. And where they ask, “Are you a Born-Again Christian?” I’ll check “No.” Let’s see what they send next…

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