American Atheists August 30, 2006

American Atheists

I sent in my student membership dues a while ago, and last week, I finally received my “Thanks for joining” package from American Atheists!  Very exciting.  What does one get when joining an atheist organization, you ask?

A notepad with the AA logo.  (To leave notes for your coworkers… before you get fired.)

The AA Magazine.  (Cover story: “The Value of Being a Pain in the Ass” which talks about how we need to stand together and complain when we hear disparaging comments about atheists being said in the media, just like the religious extremists do when… well… anyone says anything ever.)

A certificate of membership signed by AA President Ellen Johnson.  (To frame on the wall of my cubicle… in my soon-to-be non-existent workplace.)

A membership card.  (To paraphrase a good friend, “I’m now a card carrying member of the atheist party.”)

A discount coupon for Hertz rent-a-car.  (Because when I think Hertz, I think heathen.)

A paper listing other benefits for AA members.  Including $10.00 off the $50.00 suggested donation at the Velvet Curtain… which is a swingers club in Texas.  (Won’t get that from Focus on the Family.)

Join the party.


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