As an Atheist… July 20, 2006

As an Atheist…

As an atheist, I must endure:

— Not being able to run for public office in some states at all. (Link)

— Not having a reasonable chance to win an office even if I did run. (Link)

— (Possibly) Having to say a prayer and a pledge to God at Little League baseball games. (Link)

— Not being able to join the Boy Scouts. (Link)

— Saying the Pledge of Allegiance at a school where I might teach. (Link)

— Not being able to join the Salvation Army. (Link)

— Not being able to finish Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12-step program. (Link)

What else can we add to this list…?

And while some of these organizations are private, they do get government funding… but are any of these offenses not really a problem?

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  • Ed

    As I read your blog, I felt that I could replace “Atheist” with any number of minor religious groups and have the same dilemma, except they are theist and they are disc for the same reasons. I made a choice to become a Christian I made a decision that would alter my relationships. My atheist parents took away my scholarships for college and I earned my own way. Many of my friends rejected my decision to live my faith and no longer called me friend. The important thing for me is to live what I believe to be true.

    Our decisions and lifestyles all have benefits and problems. I realize that everyone will not love me. Some will hate the things that I stand for. My wife’s Grandmother had a great statement, “I am not made of money, so I know that not everyone will love me.”

    Now about voting: I would vote for an atheist if your ideas for our nation was compatible with mine. There is much we can agree on if we found the common ground to work on the problems that beset us.

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