Does this work the other way around…? July 5, 2006

Does this work the other way around…?

This whole eBay experience has been one of an atheist visiting Christian churches. This often begs the question of whether there are any Christians who have gone to atheist gatherings to see what goes on there. Has anyone done this to learn about what atheists believe?

I’m sure someone must have… but I haven’t spoken to anyone who has yet. I’m not referring to someone who was raised without religion and then became a Christian. I’m talking about someone who had never attended atheist functions but chose to go to meetings or conferences in order to learn more about them. If anyone has, please share your experience!

I came back from the Freethought Advance in Talladega, Alabama yesterday. One of the many highlights was a softball game where all the participants received a prize for playing. The prize: A “Godless” dollar. This being a one-dollar bill from 1935, before the money had “In God We Trust” printed on it. Good times. 🙂

Incidentally, Slate posted a piece on Barack Obama’s faith speech, also expressing a positive reaction to it.

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