Listen to This Former Fundamentalist Talk About How He Came Out as an Atheist

Even though surveys show our country is far less religious than it used to be, coming out as atheist can still be scary. You have to consider the reactions from your family, friends, and work colleagues. You have to be prepared for backlash. Depending on where you live, being open about your atheism could have serious repercussions.

Drew McCoy (a.k.a. Genetically Modified Skeptic) had many of those fears for good reason — he comes from a very devout fundamentalist family. But he still decided to tell them he didn’t believe in God.

He explains how everything went down in his latest video:

He’s not urging people to come out if they have legitimate concerns, only reminding people that some fears may be misplaced. We shouldn’t necessarily assume the worst. And as more people like Drew come out, it makes it that much easier for others to do the same.

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