Queer Disbelief, Our Book About LGBTQ Rights and Atheism, Is on Sale!

Earlier this year, I announced a new book I had worked on with Camille Beredjick, who used to write quite a bit for this site about LGBTQ rights.

The book was called Queer Disbelief and it was all about the the LGBTQ and atheist communities: how they overlapped, where the comparisons broke down, how religion hurt (and helped!) LGBTQ people, and why atheists couldn’t ignore this issue.


Because it’s Pride Month, we’ve lowered the cost of the book!

It’s currently $9.99 in paperback and $6.99 on Kindle, but only until the end of June. So if you haven’t read it yet, now’s the time to check it out!

Check it out. Buy a copy or three. And, if we deserve it, please leave some positive reviews!

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