Bigots Burned Rainbow Banner, So Poland LGBTQ+ Groups Put Up “Unbreakable” One

The fight for LGBTQ+ equality in Poland is symbolized by a giant rainbow flag banner that is displayed in Warsaw. Unfortunately, due to a strong presence of anti-gay groups in the area, the banner was set on fire or otherwise destroyed seven separate times.

Now, that can never happen again after gay rights groups in Europe introduced an “unbreakable” rainbow made of light and water.

The water hologram is composed entirely of “light bouncing off a curtain of vapour,” according to the Telegraph.

As light and water cannot be defaced in the same way as a solid structure, its creators hope it will not suffer the fate of its predecessor and will become “an unbreakable symbol of love, peace, LGBT rights and equality.”

The bigots won’t be able to burn down this fountain of water no matter how hard they throw Bible verses at it.

The old rainbow was made of artificial flowers, which made it an easy target for anti-gay activists, leading to seven attacks including times when it was set on fire. It finally came down in 2015. Hopefully, this new version marks the beginning of a revolution.

“This rainbow signifies the start of a wider campaign to raise awareness of LGBT rights and in particular the fight for marriage equality in Poland,” said Ola Muzinska, chairperson of the Love Does Not Exclude Association, one of the organisers of the rainbow.

Our message is: love is love, we want to bring as many people into the movement as possible over the next few years.”

It looks like love is going to win the banner wars. But that’s just symbolic. Hopefully, this translates into legislative victories for equality, too.

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