Trump’s TV Interviews Last Year Were Almost All With FOX and Faith Outlets

A new analysis of Donald Trump’s interviews since his election shows he heavily favors Fox News reporters and those who have an extremely biased point of view on religion.

In the last year, Trump has only given interviews to “sycophants” who lob the president softball question after softball question, according to Media Matters for America.

Ever since President Donald Trump’s disastrous interview with NBC’s Lester Holt on May 11 2017 — in which he may have admitted to obstructing justice — Trump has given in-person TV interviews to only friendly journalists who mostly avoid asking tough questions.

Over the past year, Trump has appeared on television for in-person interviews 14 times and only with fawning reporters. He has given 11 interviews to Fox News and Fox Business, one to Christian Broadcasting Network’s Pat Robertson, one to Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Mike Huckabee, one to CNBC’s Joe Kernen, and one to ITV’s Piers Morgan. Oftentimes, rather than posing hard-hitting questions, the journalists use their time with the president to compliment his performance, criticize the media, and hype his achievements.

It’s one thing for FOX Business and FOX News to fawn over Trump. Their networks haven’t tried to hide their affection for the president. But even they try pretending to be news networks. The same can’t be said about Pat Robertson, whose ability to make outrageous and/or bigoted statements rivals Trump. Nor can it be said about Mike Huckabee, whose daughter is the president’s Press Secretary.

Do his supporters know it’s just theater? Do they care? I doubt it. But this analysis shows, quantifiably, how insulated the president’s echo chamber actually is. He refuses to submit himself to tough questions, and the only people with the opportunity to ask him any are often the same people who accept Bible stories as fact. They’re not known for critical thinking.

Their irresponsible journalism is bad for our country.

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