Behold the Real Color of Christ… and the Funny Fury It Inspires April 17, 2018

Behold the Real Color of Christ… and the Funny Fury It Inspires

For a man of such consequence, it’s remarkable that nothing is known about what Jesus looked like. Artists have given the Savior a bewildering array of hues and features over the centuries, from angelic superman all the way to hirsute bonobo monkey.

Now it’s the turn of the crew at Famalam, a BBC sketch show, to imagine Christ’s appearance.

Whingers and faultfinders are, as usual, not amused. Comments include

“This isn’t funny at all. I’m respecting every point of view (I don’t agree with them) but as a Christian I don’t think, that there should be religious-involved jokes at all.”

“I wouldn’t care if Jesus was blue, green, orange, or whatever. The work he did on the cross was for ALL people and the cross will ALWAYS stand on level ground. … Whoever made this video spent ALOT of time missing the point.”

The BBC are wicked devils. Have you collected your 30 pieces of silver yet, BBC?”

Is it bad that those complaints make the sketch seem only funnier to me?

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