This Pastor Tried Guilt-Tripping People Into Going to Church and It Backfired

If you wanted to draw people to your church, how would you do it?

Here’s an idea: Don’t do what Pastor Alex Klimchuk of New Life Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota did. He made a promotional video last weekend saying that if people really wanted the Minnesota Vikings to go to the Super Bowl, praying for that outcome in church was their best bet because, if they lose, “you’re gonna have that guilt on your conscience.”

Forget Jesus. Forget salvation. Forget the fact that the Vikings were blown out by the Philadelphia Eagles 38-7 (because God doesn’t give a damn about the previous week’s miracle play). Forget how people are starving in other countries but you want God to listen to your sportsball prayers.

I can’t tell if this is just bad theology or a horrible marketing campaign.

(via Museum of Idolatry)


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