This Non-Religious Church in London Wants You to “Believe in Dog” January 12, 2018

This Non-Religious Church in London Wants You to “Believe in Dog”

New Unity is a self-described “non-religious church” in London (that’s actually affiliated with the Unitarian Universalists), and they’re holding an event next week that celebrates unconditional love, loyalty, and compassion.

No, it doesn’t involve God. They’re honoring their dogs.


New Unity’s atheist minister Rev Andy Pakula said the event, called ‘Believe in Dog’, is an opportunity to celebrate our canine companions.

He said we can learn a lot from dogs: “For a start, there’s unconditional love. And there’s being in the moment. Eagerness. Loyalty. All great qualities that we can learn from.

“That’s why we’re hosting a special gathering for dogs and the people who love them.”

Dogs also have the added benefit of existing.

The event itself will involve short readings, “some doggy-related singing,” stories about what dogs have taught members of the congregation, and raising money for a dog-related charity.

Dogma never sounded so good.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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