This Debunking of the Viral “Portal to Sedona” Video is Incredible

Last August, a YouTuber who goes by FunkyFatHead made a video explaining how if he played certain sounds at certain frequencies in his bedroom, they opened a portal to Sedona, Arizona.

It’s obviously fake… but how did he do it? Was it just a simple special effect?

Captain Disillusion, the finest bullshit detector on YouTube, just debunked that video, and his explanation of what’s going on is so much more complicated and incredible that you might think.

Magic is so much cooler when a trick is complicated and you have a professional explaining to you how it’s done. In this case, hearing a visual effects expert talk about how he knows the original video is fake really is mind-blowing.

If you’re not supporting Captain Disillusion’s work, you should. He’s one of the best.

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