Podcast Ep. 194: Jesus and the Wedding Cake of Bigotry December 9, 2017

Podcast Ep. 194: Jesus and the Wedding Cake of Bigotry

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.


We talked about:

— The Supreme Court heard the case of an anti-gay Christian baker. (1:13)

Roy Moore only has one issue on his platform: Abortion. Should Democrats have run an anti-abortion candidate? (10:40)

Pat Robertson told a woman collecting unemployment checks that she needs to keep tithing if she wants to find a job. (27:50)

Kim Davis will be challenged for her county clerk seat by a gay man whose marriage license she once denied. (29:43)

— The Pope may change the Lord’s Prayer. (32:10)

— A GOP-appointed Florida commission may put church/state separation on the 2018 ballot. (35:04)

— Why would Mike Pence stick with Donald Trump? Because it’s part of God’s Plan for him. (40:48)

Ravi Zacharias, whose falsified his credentials for years, blames you for his lies. (48:29)

— A former priest was finally convicted of a murder that happened 50 years ago. (56:44)

— Jessica unleashes an epic rant brought about by the question: Is hugging still okay? (58:09)

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