Pat Robertson Tells Unemployed Woman to Keep Tithing if She Wants to Find a Job December 7, 2017

Pat Robertson Tells Unemployed Woman to Keep Tithing if She Wants to Find a Job

I don’t know why anyone would ever ask Pat Robertson for financial advice… but that’s what one viewer did on yesterday’s show. She’s on unemployment and wanted to know if she should still be giving 10% of her income to her church.

The correct answer, obviously, is hell no. Take care of yourself and your family, and tell the church to wait until you have a more stable job.

That’s not what Robertson said.

I think if you do, there’s a blessing that God gives… that will be given unto you, so I think if you have unemployment — and I hope you don’t have to have it for long — but once you have, you want God to prosper you and give you employment, so you have something to do. And you can have funds if you can help others. So we give out that which God’s given us to, why not?

Some of that, I think, is in English… Robertson is telling the woman she should offer up a tithe because God will help her if she does. Not only that, but tithing is a way for this woman to get employment.

It’s awful advice. Asking struggling people to give to their church is akin to asking poor people to fund tax breaks for the wealth. It’s bad policy and it’s bad religion. It’s the only kind of religion Robertson practices.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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