Catholic Bishop: Nativity Scene With Two Josephs is an “Attack” on Christianity November 29, 2017

Catholic Bishop: Nativity Scene With Two Josephs is an “Attack” on Christianity

There’s a joke that Jesus had two daddies (since his mother was supposedly a virgin), but comedian Cameron Esposito recently noted that her neighbors had actually made that happen with a two-Joseph Nativity scene:

It’s cute, it’s entertaining, and it’s on someone’s private property so who the hell cares?

Lots of people, apparently, including Providence, Rhode Island Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, who wants everyone to pray that “Jesus will forgive this sacrilege, this attack on the Christian Faith.”

If someone’s yard display is an attack on his faith, then imagine how furious Tobin would be if he found out the Catholic Church tried to change our laws to prevent gay people from getting married and women from obtaining abortions. I guess it’s okay when his people force their views on everybody else, but “sacrilege” when other people make a simple statement on their front lawn.

The sky isn’t going to fall just because someone put two pink Josephs in a makeshift Gaytivity scene. Hell, Christians should be celebrating how Jesus has two parents who love Him.

Somewhere, there are two Marys looking for a child to love.

(via Progressive Secular Humanist)

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