Matt Walsh, Naturally, Blames Women for Sexual Assault Cases November 18, 2017

Matt Walsh, Naturally, Blames Women for Sexual Assault Cases

Conservative activist Matt Walsh can always be counted on to say the stupidest possible thing in any given situation, so we shouldn’t be surprised by his remarks about sexual harassment.

He says that the whole problem would just go away if men and women never interacted together in private, if everyone practiced chastity, and if women covered their damn bodies up.

The “Mike Pence rule” (a.k.a. the Billy Graham rule) is the absurd notion that a man shouldn’t meet with a woman who’s not his wife unless someone else is present… because he won’t be able to control himself. Many Christians have tried to avoid the situation by just hiring fewer women. The solution isn’t to avoid women. The solution is for men to learn how to keep it in their pants. To remember that professional situations ought to remain professional. It’s not that hard.

If you need a third party to prevent you from assaulting someone, then you’re the problem

As for chastity and modesty, both put blame in the wrong places. People who have casual, consensual sex aren’t the problem. Women who dress provocatively aren’t the problem. The problem lies entirely with those who abuse their power or who see a piece of clothing as a green light for assault.

Walsh doesn’t get that because, in his world, women are to blame for everything. It started with Eve taking a bite of an apple, and it continues with the 14-year-old who clearly seduced Roy Moore.

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