Samantha Bee Urges Alabama Voters to Reject Roy Moore: “We Can All Do Better” November 16, 2017

Samantha Bee Urges Alabama Voters to Reject Roy Moore: “We Can All Do Better”

Samantha Bee spent her first segment last night on Full Frontal explaining the Roy Moore saga, including why the hell evangelical Christians continue to support the alleged pedophile.

My favorite bit was her reference to Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler who said it wouldn’t have been all that bad if Moore really did molest a 14-year-old girl because Joseph impregnated an underage Mary and it resulted in the birth of Jesus:

Oh come on! I may be a dirty liberal now, but I went to Catholic school! Even I know the Bible says my teenage crush, sexy buff Jesus, was an immaculate conception!

How could you call yourself a Christian and not know your hero’s origin story?

That’s like being a Wolverine fan and telling everyone, “You know, he got those claws after he fell on a couple of hedge trimmers in a toolshed.”

The whole segment is fantastic — and she makes an important point near the end: People like Moore aren’t unique to Republicans, but it’s incumbent upon all groups to “kick out their own creeps.”

Voters in Alabama have a chance to do that next month.

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