This Creationist Thinks He Just Disproved Major Evidence for Evolution

We know humans and chimpanzees have genomes that are almost entirely identical. Any two living beings have some genomic overlap. And this may be the best evidence in favor of evolution by natural selection: You could, in theory, build a perfect family tree if you had all the information available to you.

But Pastor Gene Kim, an independent fundamentalist Baptist preacher at San Jose Bible Baptist Church, wants people like Richard Dawkins to know that there’s a perfectly good explanation for our shared genes, and it has everything to do with the Bible:

The reason our genes are similar is because God created us all from the Earth, he says, before adding, “Try again, Richard Dawkins!”

I’m surprised he didn’t say Satan gave different species similar genes to trick us, since that makes just as much sense. But it just shows you how desperate some people are to discount evidence and science. They have to tie everything back to the Bible, no matter how much they have to strain to make it work.

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