Michele Bachmann: “Every Archeology Find” Has Proven the Truth of the Bible October 14, 2017

Michele Bachmann: “Every Archeology Find” Has Proven the Truth of the Bible

During the Values Voter Summit yesterday, former GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann urged the crowd to accept Jesus or spend eternity in Hell — a move that seems fairly pointless given the audience’s Christian beliefs — before reminding them that all available evidence points to the literal truth of the Bible.

Apparently operating under her new anointing as pastor, Bachmann opened her remarks by celebrating the election of Donald Trump before dedicating a significant portion of the remainder of her speech to recounting the history of Christianity and the saving power of Christ.

“You know, the remarkable thing,” she said, “when you read the Bible, every archeology find that has ever come forward has only proved the authenticity of the Bible.”

That’s… nowhere close to being even partly true.

Hell, just to offer a simple rebuttal, archaeologists have dug up artifacts suggesting human existence from more than a hundred thousand years ago. That alone would contradict everything Creationist Ken Ham believes.

Maybe some of you who are archaeologists can weigh in: Has every single discovery in your field proven the Bible to be true?

Because that would be news, I think, to scientists everywhere.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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